by agony
(West Warwick RI)

I met the mm I was seeing through my family I was separating from
my spouse and somehow he knew so much about me through my uncle. He pursued me and all of a sudden a smart woman like myself believe his lies saying he was also separating next thing you know I somehow was caught in an extra marital affair. I realize all he says is lies.

6 month later I have ended it twice and in this last one I realized I am now 10 weeks pregnant and I don't expect anything from him at all I told him and he said for me to abort te baby and that I can't do this to him. Then yesterday he said his family or her family would harm me.

I Dk what to do I am afraid to go through my family and I am afraid of him.

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Feb 03, 2012
Sorry NEW
by: Sonia

I am so sorry for you. I wish God gives you strength to go thru this.I agree that it is your decision to take. Do not be afraid of him. If u can move away from the place you live and take a decision either to go thru or abort. Please consult a doctor as quick as possible to discuss if it is possible to discontinue it. Do not risk your life for this.
I am proud of you that u have realised and taken this decision to move away from him. May be you were not smart enuf bcos u didnt weigh your profit/loss of your situation. But anyways he wudnt have wanted the baby even if u were with him.
Please stay calm and composed. first go to a doctor then take your decision. Take a break even if it is a small one. Give yourself some space to be worry free and allow yourself to take a burden free decision.
May love be there with you. Please know that no situation in life is hopeless however bad it may seem. Always there is a way out!
Take care and keep writing. There are many souls like who are troubled and willing to share your pain.

Jan 19, 2012
Not good NEW
by: Anonymous

You've made so many wrong choices.Smart girl?Only you can decide if you want to go thru w/ the pregnancy.If you do then everyone will know about the affair.You have some real soul searching to do.You're on your own with this one.Good luck,you're going to need it.Talk w/ a councelor or close friend to explore your options.

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