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We met 15 years ago. My boyfriend worked with him. We were all friends. My self, my boyfriend,him and his girlfriend. We were attracted to each other then, but since I was in a relationship, nothing became of it, because I wasn't going to cheat on my boyfriend.So we left it at that. He got married, and so did I. we both went on with our lives, and ran into each other occasionally,and we both felt awkward when that happened, because we were both attracted to each other, but still neither of us crossed the line. I recently got divorced, and was at a 7-11 one day, and guess who was in there. We started to talk and I told him were I was working, and that I had recently got a divorce.By the look in both of our eyes I knew there was still the attraction, the want there. I was now a unmarried woman and was free...but was he? He called my place of work several times, then I finally gave in and gave him a text...and it has proceeded from there. We agreed to meet. The moment we saw wach other, we were in each others arms. It felt so right, like it was meant to be, like this is what we wanted for so many years, but were not able to have it. Then he told me that he just found out that his wife had an affair on him. So I thought this was great, he was going to leave her(although never did he promise me this).after all of these years of thinking about each other about wanting to be with each other, we were brought together again, for some reason. we have been seeing each other now for about 9 months..but he still hasn't told his wife to leave after her affair.. His reasoning is that he owns his own business, and it would be a real nightmare to go through a divorce, and loose half of what he has worked so hard to get. I am a mess, I fell in love with him...and hurt everyday that I am not with him. I t is hard to talk to ant one about this, because so few people, understand. I hope someone has some words of wisdom for me.

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Apr 12, 2012
run don't walk NEW
by: Anonymous

Find yourself a single guy honey,this one is married......

Apr 11, 2012
there's an old saying NEW
by: ron

He's not going to get a divorce.There's an old saying (cheaper to keep her)If he divorces her he will lose half his business more than likely.So he'll have sex w/ you and hang on to his wife as well.Maybe have sex w/ her too, every now and then.If I were you I would tell him to get in touch w/you,ONLY if he ever does divorce her.In the meantime you should only be dating SINGLE guys.NOT MARRIED GUYS.Tell him today and mean it.Otherwise you'll be wasting your time w/your MARRIED friend.He's still some one else's HUSBAND. DON'T FORGET THAT FACT!. Anything else he tells you is so that he can keep you around on the side.Don't let him have his cake and eat it...or are you only mistress material?

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