Im not the other woman! Im the loving give it all husband!

by Ron

Im Ron and here's my story I married the love of my life nine years ago. we had known each other for over 38 years!!! ever since we were kids.she was not only the love of my life but also my best friend! (another nail in my coffin) I had just bought my wife a brand new Suv. and decided to be sweet and send her on a quiet vacation and to also see her mother. I sat down at the computer and found a beautiful beach front location near her moms.paid for the four day vacation and gave her a grand spending money to have a great time. and what did I get for being so nice? a phone call a couple of days later from his wife telling me they were at the beach together!! this girl was my world. and who did she leave me for? a three time convicted felon with an arrest record a mile long! im numb and still in shock! and get this!!! one of his convictions was he had held up a bar after hours and beat the girl that worked there (she was alone) unconscious with a pool cue and took a whole 40.00 bucks that was in the cash register! ( what a winner)! am I the only one that sees no logic in this?

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Im not the other woman! Im the loving give it all husband!

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Dec 01, 2012
time to get a divorce lawyer NEW
by: roy

Time to get a good divorce lawyer and take care of business.You don't deserve a cheating ungrateful wife.She will find out she made a Huge mistake .And she will lie to you about why she was with him,you don't need any more lying from her either.Get rid of her being some sweet woman.She is not,she's a cheating lying untrustworthy you know what.Get on with your life without her.If you even think about forgiving her,She'll do it again to you.Once a cheater,that's right always a cheater.Get that SUV back too.Otherwise that idiot con man will be driving it,at your expense,I don't think so.I know this sucks but the bottom line is you don't deserve this.Kick this cheater out of your life..

Nov 25, 2012
omg NEW
by: Anonymous

are you serious? you sound like a real sweet guy and I really can't believe any girl would do that!!

I'm so sorry to hear that...

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