Left and happy......

by Christine

I knew this man from work for about a year. We started talking and texting everyday. I knew he was married and I actually used to gve him advice from a womans point of view since he was about to seperate from his wife. I never knew we would end up falling for each other. He said he was going to file for divorce and even setup several appointments with a lawyer. I never expected him to leave his wife and come running into my arms but he knew if he even wanted a chance with me he needed to leave that situation alone. I never gave him a timeframe because he gave himself one. Once he didn't go through with everything I told him to stop calling me. We were intimate a few times but it was never a full blown relasonship. I know I deserve better and walked away early before months turned into years and here I was wasting precious time. I did invest about four months with him from when we first started talking to when I finally said don't call me anymore which was just last week. I admit I was a bit hurt because I did grow to like him and we had great conversation but like I said better to hurt for a few weeks than get strung along. I just like to share my story because I searched online to find so many horrible things written about woman in my situation and although I am not admitting I was right..I feel you shouldn't judge unless you have been in this situation before. I also think woman who are about to go through the same thing as me should have a chance to hear my story and hopefully take something out of it and not feel judged. Did I break up a marriage NO....we actually caught his wife cheating on him as well......you don't know the whole story unless this has happened to you. And if you are here to judge really...thats how you spend your free time....does that make you feel better about the skeltons in your closet....WE ALL HAVE THEM!!!! My advice is avoid the situation because I was strong enough to leave early and get out......don't let weeks turn into months and months turn into years. If he loves you enough and it's "fate" you be together then he will find you later on in life...WHEN HE IS DIVORCED!!!!!!

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