Yes he's married.

by Cat

i am a single young mum, i have a 3 year old son, i am officially still married but have been seperated from my husband for 1.5 years.
i was forced to give up my job when i had my son as he has had serious health problems. so i dont work. im on benefits-which i hate. i have always worked since the age of 11 when i got my first paper round. i dont like being stuck at home. im lucky to be here as i took 3 overdoses in my sons first year of life as i couldnt cope with my sudden change of lifestyle, and the demands of having a critically ill baby in hospital for the first 4 months of his life. life has been tough.

then Mr Married came along! i didnt know he was married to start with. we have been seeing each other for just over 1 year now.

he is helping me get my own business started up, which i financially couldnt afford to do without his help but he is offering me my only hope of getting back to work as i can do it from home! he is paying for my website to be built, he is paying for all the initial stocking up costs, he is literally doing everything for me which i am very grateful for. in total he is spending about 15k on my business. which he wants to run with me. we are planning to be a partnership as he has a strong interest in what i do. this is my DREAM, to have my own business.

But yes he is MARRIED.

i HATE that he is married, i have cried so much these last few months as i hate being the other woman. but he keeps throwing me little glimpses of hope saying he wants to be with me, and that he is going to leave his wife because he loves me more and he cant imagine his life without me. but he is scared to break his wife's heart and its finding the 'right' moment. there is no 'right' moment for finishing with your wife!!

and deep down i know he is never going to leave her! i cry because he makes me happy, but i cry so much i want to end it with him and move on as i need someone to love me and care for me full time. but then i cry at the thought of all my business dreams disapearing with him.

i really dont know what to do.

i want to be able to provide for my son, i want him to be proud of his mummy because she works hard and isnt on benefits, but to do that i have to suffer being the 'other woman'. i cant cope with either... im trapped and either way im unhappy. but i would rather be un-happy with future prospects, then unhappy with no future prospects. so i have to stay with this married man.

please help me.

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Yes he's married.

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Jul 09, 2011
update to this story
by: cat

so i took advice from the stories on here. and ended it with him 2 weeks ago! he reacted to that by saying he couldnt be without me and was going to leave his wife! i was reluctant but thought maybe i was one of few success stories. we moved my bedroom around and he bought a new wardrobe etc for his things.. it was actually happening! then last week he just went silent. didnt hear off him for days. and i knew he had no intention to leave her! i spent a week crying my eyes out! was so depressed. but then i picked myself up! and have been so busy getting my business sorted all by myself! and i have succeeded. i had moved on! i didnt need that idiot in my life!
then 3 days ago, mr married started texting me! saying he had made the biggest mistake of his life letting me go and that he had got cold feet but now he knew i am what he wants and is prepared to do anything for me! i kept telling him to go away and that i am not interested. he said that 'you dont realise what you need until its gone!' i am not making it easy for him. he even had the nerve yesterday to say 'can i move my stuff in today (friday). i said no chance. but then last night he turned up on my doorstep in a right mess- apparently he has ended it with his wife. i dont know whether to believe him or not! he was literally an emotional wreck. i have never seen him like that before. i wasnt going to let him move in with me just like that. i put my foot down and told him to go stay with friends or someone which he has apparently done! but has he??? i dont know what to think..

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